• Representing professional historians in NSW & ACT

    Image courtesy British National Archives.

    Representing professional historians in NSW & ACT

    Image by Cameron Skinner, 2011.

    Representing professional historians in NSW & ACT

    New South Wales Police - Particulars of Deaths and Bodily injuries sustained by the Police from Bushrangers from the time of Peisley's depredations March 1862 to 7th June 1870, image courtesy State Records NSW.

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    The Professional Historians Association NSW & ACT represents practising professional historians in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

    What We Do

    Professional historians are skilled in the practice of history including: research, writing, editing, publishing, curatorial, public speaking, oral interview, native title and geneaology.

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    Become a Member

    Do you engage in the professional practice of history? Become a member and receive accreditation among other benefits.

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    Employ an Historian

    Looking for an historian? Our members engage in everything from small research projects to contract histories and permanent employment in cultural institutions.

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